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Custom Mobs Edit

Cosmic Tempus contains a few completely custom mobs! We also have our own custom bosses we have implemented, here we will attempt to explain each of these mobs.

Goblin Edit

Goblins are small creatures with less health than most other mobs, but they still pack a punch.

Shade Edit

Shades are humanoid creatures that occasionally turn into a cloud of shadow. When they are a shadow, they gain massively increased movement speed. These mobs are about as dangerous as most other mobs aside from the fact they can move much faster.

Ender Eye Edit

Ender eyes are flying creatures that can phase through walls and shoot projectiles. They act similarly to vex's in that they will charge at their target. They are hard to hit, but have very low health.

Wisp Edit

Wisps are creatures made of pure magic, they are found solely in the end and will not attack unless provoked. But when they do, they are extremely dangerous, they hit very hard and will not hold back.

Elress Hallow Edit

Elress Hallow is the halloween event boss. She spawns randomly around the weeks of halloween and when killed will reward all nearby players with the reaper class. She is quite deadly, summoning singularities that pull you in and damage you, and when she is hit, she can spawn a dormant pumpling, which if not killed quickly will spawn a Pumpling that willl fight nearby players for 15 seconds. Elress is not completely reliant on her minions though, she has the ability to shoot projectiles of her own which ignore the player's armour. Never fear however, the singularities can be 1 shot and Pumplings can be outrun until they despawn, or dispatched like any other mob.